4 Ways to Humanize Your Brand

You are a human. Your employees are human. Your business partners are human. Your customers are human. So why do you find it so difficult to let your human side show?  

The average consumer is exposed to more than 5,000 advertising messages per day. They are tired of these advertisements. They want to hear and understand you. Why don’t you communicate with them like a human being, instead of acting like a robot with your corporate speech?

Here are 4 ways on how to humanize your brand.

Be available

Humanizing your brand is impossible without actual humans available to do it. When you post status updates on your social media account, be available to respond to questions, comments and reviews. If a customer is upset, be ready to address the problem and do what it takes to solve the issue. Don’t show up just to brag about the awards you’ve recently received or promote your new products.

Engage in conversation

When users post on your wall or leave a comment on your blog, it’s because they have something to say. Make it a point to respond to your audience in a personal way. Also, show them that you’re listening to their suggestions by responding through action. Small gestures go a long way towards building rapport.

Use everyday language

If you are to engage with customers through social media, be sure to speak to them the way you speak with your friends. Use words that they would understand. People won’t be interested with your posts if you use industry jargon.

Show a sense of humor

For many businesses, portraying themselves as industry experts is important to gaining credibility and generating leads. Keep in mind, though, that you can still have an educational and professional content that still incorporates an engaging, caring or fun tone.

If you communicate with your audience in a unique and entertaining way, you are more likely to get high engagements. Just make sure that your humor doesn’t hurt other people.