Guide to Building Your Personal Brand

The term branding has long been delegated to companies. Companies like Apple, Mc Donald’s and Coca Cola have brands that are popular worldwide. But these days, branding isn’t just for companies. It is also becoming just as important on a personal level.

Your personal brand is how people see and describe you as a business owner or a representative of an organization. In a way, it is synonymous with your reputation. Your personal brand is what makes you, you.

Here are 4 things you need to keep in mind when building your personal brand.

Define your brand

Allow us to start with a simple activity. Get a pen and a piece of paper and list down the words you think people would use to describe you and your business. What are the things that pop up in someone’s head as they hear your name?

Building a successful brand starts with knowing yourself. From there, it would be easier for you to move forward and build the kind of brand you want to create.

Review your social media presence

Social media has given us a platform to broadcast our personal messages to accomplish our goals. But you should also Google yourself up to see what people are going to see when they search for your name. You want to have a clean reputation and you want people to take you seriously. Always use your personal brand as a guide when using social media.

Get your behavior in check

Behaviors matter big time. I cannot stress this enough. Your actions speak volume about your personal brand and you as an individual.

Be authentic

You need to develop your brand in light of who you really are. Take a look at how you dress, how you act, your likes, your strengths, where you shine etc. You have a clearly identifiable personality. Allow it to show through.